The Art of

Where Shadows Lie

Welcome to the Exiled Lands of Carinn!

Lirin is the middle Kingdom, the core of what used to be the Silvarin Empire. It is the rice-basket of the world and the greatest producer of staple foods and miners of gold.

Miriel is the western Kingdom, mountain-bound and rich in the precious magical metal known as cerulean.

Namnia is the northern Kingdom, with the independent province of North Island. A theologically divided land, it is the poorest and most isolationist of the Kingdoms.

Seehana is the southern Kingdom, surrounding the Mondaer. With a recently established parliamentary monarchy, it is a country striving for innovation.

The Mondaer Desert is home to the mysterious red-eyed Mondaer and vast supplies of copper.

The Jiakappa Rainforest hides the tribes of the Jiakappa people, and is the source of the powerful drug, Serindalla.

The Tekomii Glaciers cold and desolate, they shelter the Tekomii people, who are on the brink of annihilation from Namnian incursions into their land.

Tirit Mindel is the Island of the Wise, which houses the prestigious Academy, where the best and brightest of Carinn are trained.

The Island Union is a conglomeration of independent islands, mostly ruled over by pirate lords and outlaws.

The Illustrations by John Fisher

(associated quotes may contain spoilers)




Xirra the Blue

Goddess of Justice & Honesty

“I will walk in the light, alone and unafraid. In shadows I will find no fear for they are fleeting, and when darkness blocks my path I will not stop, for only challenged will I grow. It is mine to walk the troubled road where others dare not tread, and speak the truths where shadows lie.”

Holder of Gatekeepers

Harrodorin the Silver

Dead God of Compassion & Courage

“The forgotten, I will remember. The lost, I will lead. The suffering, I will comfort. I shall not fear failure, for though I may fall, I will rise stronger. May my triumphs make me brave and my trials make me kind.”

Holder of Weavers

Fulsixia the Red

Goddess of Ingenuity & Tolerance

“Though born a seed, I will sink roots and rise towards the sky. No storm can break me, for always will I bend and grow. May all be welcome in my shade, where side by side we craft a better world. Let our names live on in our creations.”

Holder of Namers

Gullien the Green

God of Generosity & Bravery

“Three are the oaths to which I hold, sworn anew each day. First, to freely share that which I have with those in greater need. Second, to stand for what is right, even if I stand alone. Third, to bear the weight of every choice I make, and pay the price of each mistake.”

Holder of Ghosters

Kennotoza the White

Goddess of Humility & Fortitude

“When all is dust around me, I will endure. I cast out all selfish expectations, all empty comforts, all foolish pride. No tether of man shall bind me, for in work I find my purpose, and in service my reward.”

Holder of Bodes

Zorbennen the Black

God of Wisdom & Curiosity

“I build with strong foundations, stone by stone. In questions, not answers, will my wisdom grow, and in listening, not speaking, will it expand. I dedicate my life to the pursuit and sharing of knowledge, so that when the days of my life come to an end, others may follow in my footsteps.”

Holder of Archivists