The Mountain Fell

June 21st 2021, dive in to the dark and magical Lands of the Fae.

Long ago and deep within the Plane, the Elder Fae split into two Courts...

The Void

The Court of Dancing Shadows, enjoyed the playful ballet of magic and bountiful chaos, swirling and morphing within the inscrutable Void.

They inhabit the floating pockets of reality that appear and vanish within the infinite and ever-changing landscape of the Void, floating through the stars as beings of twisted essence. Some became mad, others gained wisdom beyond imagining. Many vanish, without a trace.

The Mountain

The other, sought to create a bastion of stability within the randomness of creation. Finding a place where the essence of chaos was not as strong, these Fae created the Court Beneath the Mountain.

Around the Mountain, nine Lands were formed on three disk-like planes, one atop the other. Here, the Fae could live in safety, as long as they did not stray too close to the Rim, and the Void beyond.

Every generation, each of these great factions was ruled by a King or Queen, around whom a Ring of power formed, nine souls entwined with their own and giving them the control over reality itself. Together, these two Rulers formed a bridge and a balance...

Until the Ruler under the Mountain disappeared.

Now, in the absence of a clear successor born with power over both Earth and Sky, the fight for the Mountain has begun.

Each of the Nine Lands is ruled over by a High King or Queen, with the ability to claim the greatest throne of all. All they have to do is subjugate all the others...


Lands of Light

Home to the Fae of

Vine, Palm, & Grass


Lands of Shadow

Home to the Fae of

Herb, Flower, and Fruit


Lands of Darkness

Home to the Fae of

Evergreen, Fern, and Lichen

Let the War for the Mountain begin!

A Bond of Thread

by Allegra Pescatore & J.P.Burnison - June 21, 2021

Skye has only ever known pain and solitude since waking up with neither memories or magic. Hunted for being a Ruler in a time when they are scarce, she has survived in the wilds near the Rim, always on the run from the rest of her kind. Only starvation could draw her close to a village, but when a chance encounter and a bit of bad luck launch her into the arms of a man whose soul is bonded to hers, hiding who she is may no longer be possible.

Ilyas is a hunted man. Wanted for killing the last High Queen of Vine, he is plagued by his past of wholesale slaughter. He never wanted another Queen, and certainly not a half-feral, distrustful girl who gave up on the Fae a long time ago. Unfortunately, Soulbonds are not so easily walked away from, no matter how hard they both may want to, especially when trapped together in a cave with a pack of Feral Fae right outside.

With long-held enmities breaking out between the besieged villagers and all their lives on the line, Ilyas and Skye must learn to work together and trust each other is they want to survive.