The Last Gift



Daemon Indigo

Protector of Rifters & Gifted

Vital Rifter

AE Essence of the Mock:

~Intrepid, Supportive, Loyal~

"I thought I could at least count on brick and stone to endure, but Kennotoza took that from me too. It makes everything else good in my life feel ephemeral, like the smallest of breezes could whisk it away. I lost my anchor, so maybe I’ll be blown off course too. Perhaps that’s what this nonsensical bout of trying to do right is.”

Elenor Lirion

Queen Regent of Lirin


EE Essence of the Horse:

~Thoughtful, Committed, Forgiving~

"Scars are proof that you survived. That’s what Djina told me every time she had to screw the braces tighter against my knees, or when I fell and hurt myself. Proof that you were strong enough.”

Gabriel Navarl

Rebel  & Medic to the Queen Regent

Vital Rifter

IE Essence of the Dog:

~Friendly, Corageous, Clever~

I might forget the individual faces one day, but I’ll never forget that each of them was an individual person, not just… a number. The same with every war, or famine, or… slaughter. Even if I didn’t know anyone involved, their deaths still affected history. They still mean something to me, and deserve the dignity of being remembered.

Fedrik Tellen

Heir to House Tellen 


EI Essence of the Mouse:

~Gentle, Generous, Patient~

“Everything wrong in my life has come from the times I’ve killed. I don’t want to do it again. I don’t want to be the monster this Gift is trying to turn me into, or let that be what defines me for the rest of my life. Don’t… Don’t let me kill my Incarnate, even if you and I both want her dead.”

Fayrian Avilor

Rebel Leader & Daradeio


IA Essence of the Goat:

~Brave, Stubborn, Focused~

“She wanted me to learn that purpose isn’t found in fear—it’s made in hope. That the dark isn’t what kills you; you die when you forget the coming of the dawn.”

North Hillman

Exiled Son of the Patriarch


OI Essence of the Tortoise:

~Steadfast, Cautious, Introverted~

“Trusting Daemon isn’t a mistake I intend to make twice. You shouldn’t either, Kaedy. I’ve seen him kill for no better reason than not doing so would be slightly inconvenient. He’s a monster. Never let down your guard.”

Alehan Maarzi-Silvarin

Heir to the Silvarin Throne

Vital Rifter Anomaly

AA Essence of the Beetle:

~Perserverant, Protective, Strong~

"I will carry out your orders for this single goal. I will act as your prophet and unite the peoples of Carinn. But I will not do it while under your control. My success or failure will be my own. Their life or death will be on my shoulders, not yours…Great Dragon.”

Riona Navarl


Ambient Rifter

IO Essence of the Lizard:

~Impulsive, Mischevious, Hopeful~

“Yeah, well, you’re powerful, aren’t you? That makes you dumb as a rock, when it comes to practical things like compassion and ethics. It’s not even your fault. You’ve got no reason to learn it, until you need other people to show it to you.”

Claire Enica

Heir to House Enica


AI Essence of the Owl:

~Wise, Independent, Fierce~

“I love her, you know. Not the light, casual way I pretend to for her sake, but with every fiber of my being. She is my light in the darkness, the air in my lungs. I’ve known since we started things that she would never be mine alone. I can live with her married to another if he fills every day of her life with joy, but it would break my heart to see her turn into her mother.”


Eric Ondai

Heir to House Ondai


Bethany Rinelisi

Unwritted Noble


Garnet Jozel



Kallen Drego

Head of House Drego

Ambient Rifter

Tomaz Catoali

Unwritted Noble


Tamara Baker

Rebel & Seamstress


Micah Pavel



Daren Ito



Lilian Lirion

Queen of Lirin


Paul Marek

Doena to Elenor Lirion

Ambient Rifter

Daniil Eurieha

Orthodox Ionist Priest


Mari Baker

Rebel & Baker


Seehana  & The Island Union

Jonah Iaming

King of Seehana

Ambient Rifter

Cassian Iaming

Heir of Seehana

Ambient Rifter

Nora Iaming

Governor of Harenkar

Vital Rifter

Ishoari Deil

Governor's Wife


Obri Larson

Ayre Islander 


Tsiihsi Lark

Ayre Islander

Vital Rifter


Jaida Nameh

Heir of Namnia


Estelle Nameh

Queen of Namnia

Ambient Rifter

The Patriarch

Leader of the Church



Sianta Miri

Queen of Miriel

Broken Vital Rifter

Jasper Miri

Heir of Miriel

Ambient Rifter

Silla Miri

Princess of Miriel


Catia Miri

Princess of Miriel


Tirit Mindel

Robin Tirition

Dean of the Academy

Ambient Rifter

Ara Tirition

Archive Custodian

Vital Rifter

Denzel Tirition

Ex-Weapon's Master


Phoebi Mindellion

Mondaer Spy


Eldel People

Suela Alveara



Akaaron Tieko



Quindo Deil



Kaedy Deil

Daradeio Apprentice


Leo Baotiste

Daradeio Apprentice

Ambient Rifter

Tavea Longuu


Broken Ambient Rifter